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LaGrange Private Lunch

Want to show your staff appreciation during these hard times? Give us a call at 224.353.3370 or shoot us a message on Facebook to give the ones you love a toasty meal.

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Boostin Performance

Come on down to Boostin Performances open house and enjoy your stay with some Toasty Cheese!

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North Riverside Parks & Rec

Now open to the public! Come and enjoy a Toasty Cheese favorite with your friends and family! Don't forget to social distance.

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Private Party

Whether you're turning 15 or 51, we want to be there to help you celebrate your year of life. Call 224.353.3370 or send a message on Facebook to our Toasty Cheese Mobile Eatery page.

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Back to School! Fundraiser

Resuming classes doesn't have to be all that bad; not when you have some Toasty Cheese! PREORDERS NOT AVAILABLE FOR THIS EVENT.

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Wildwood PopUp

Pop out for our PopUp! Toasty Cheese has some deliciousness waiting for you!

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Lake Terramere PopUp

We're back baby! But this time, we're bringing the ORIGINAL TOASTY CHEESE!

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