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BBQ Food Truck Algonquin IL

BBQ Food Truck Algonquin IL

Chicagoland’s Finest BBQ – We Specialize In Beef Brisket, Chicken and Pulled Pork

Planning a party? Tailgating with friends and neighbors? Book a BBQ Food Truck Algonquin IL today! Our mobile food truck will arrive on time at your location ready to serve our hot and delicious barbecue fare to your hungry attendees. From birthday, anniversary or block parties to corporate events, our food trucks make any event more fun!

Our juicy beef brisket is among our the popular items on our menu – check out these interesting facts about brisket:

-Brisket is simply a cut of meat that comes from the lower chest or breast of beef. A beef brisket is 1 of the 9 prime beef cuts.

-If you’d like to celebrate, mark down May 28 on your calendar – it’s actually National Brisket Day!

-Brisket may be prepared with various methods. The more common are usually slower, moist cooking.

-In the southern region of the USA, some of the popular methods of preparing briskets include applying a spice rub and then slow cooking the beef over an indirect heat source from wood or charcoal.

-The fatty cap frequently is left on the brisket because it helps to keep the beef from getting too dry during the cooking process that is necessary to sufficiently break down connective tissues in the meat. Enough moisture is necessary to convert collagen into gelatin.

-A hardwood like pecan, hickory, mesquite or oak is sometimes added or used in combination along with other types of hardwoods to the primary source of heat.
Sometimes, they will consist of the heat sources, with chefs prizing the characteristics of specific woods. Smoke from the woods and as well as from burnt dripping juice also enhances the amazing flavors.

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