Greg Barnhart

Head Dishwasher

Okay, so he does more than wash dishes!

He also claims he’s the best looking Barnhart

Want to try his sandwich? Oh, wait… he doesn’t have one because he’s too shy.



Rachel Barnhart

Director of Catering

Weddings & Events Specialist 

“Party-planning extraordinaire”

Her life circles around food – her work, her spare time & and her mood!

Want to try her sandwich? Try the Rockin’ Rachel on our kid’s menu!



Dane Barnhart

Truck Manager/Lead Cook

The Face of Toasty Cheese!

Be sure to say hello to this grilled cheese master when you see him slangin’ sandwiches on the truck. He’s always out and about on the trucks or working hard in our restaurant!

Want to try his sandwich? Order The Great Dane!



Regan Barnhart

Pastry Chef

Bet ya’ didn’t know we could bake? Regan is our in-house pastry chef. She can make you anything from cookies to a wedding cake! She’s a bit of a firecracker too!


Want to try her sandwich? Order the Ragin’ Regan!



Daniela Dyankova


You can find Daniela crunching numbers all day long. She loves money (duh, she’s our CFO) and red wine.

We also like to think of her as Greg’s boss. She’s the only one that can tame the Head Dishwasher himself!

Want to try her sandwich? Gotta catch us for breakfast and order the Great Daniela!



 Gina Pydo

Print & Social Media Marketing Coordinator

Booking Director

I mean, what CAN’T this girl do?! Find her in the office, on the truck, or serving up some of our delicious gelato, Gina is our go-to gal. She’ll be yours too if you      want to book a truck.

Want to try her sandwich? Get the Poppin’ Pydo!



Bill Wilkinson


The man, the myth, the legend. You can find Bill running around the Toasty offices making sure we’re all doing what we’re supposed to. I’d say you can call him the ring-leader of the circus?!






Armando Avalos

Executive Chef/Operations


Things to that make Armando happy – music, food & perfectly marbled beef.

You can find him cooking up some new Toasty recipes in our test kitchen. Not much this man can’t cook!

Want to try his sandwich? Catch us for breakfast and order the Hamando – or try his mini-me – the Awesome Adriel on our kid’s menu




Mario Gonzalez

Executive Chef/Kitchen Manager


Nothing gets past this guy – you can find Mario hard at work in our kitchen making sure everything runs smoothly and we’re delivering

the constant quality of food that we’re known for!