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Food Truck Near Me Algonquin IL

Food Truck Near Me Algonquin IL

If you’re planning a block party, tailgating event for the big game or a special gathering for friends and family, spare yourself the hassle of food preparation and book the convenience of a Food Truck Near Me Algonquin IL.

The Toasty Cheese Mobile Eatery is available for your next occasion! We specialize in artisan grilled sandwiches that guests of all ages enjoy. A food truck at your party means we provide delivery and service of top quality eats and there’s no worries for you about cleaning up afterwards.

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Everyone loves a delicious grilled cheese sandwich! They’re not only tasty, but there are plenty of fun facts to check out about our favorite sandwiches:

-Grilled cheese delights actually began as one piece of bread with a slice of cheese on it. It wasn’t until during the 1960s when sandwich makers started adding a second slice of bread.

-The City of Los Angeles used to serve as the host for a competition known as the Grilled Cheese Invitation. From the early 1990s through 2014, self-proclaimed sandwich experts would gather to compete and celebrate their shared affection for grilled cheese. One of the contestants would be recognized as the champion of cheese. Unfortunately, the festival came to an end. (But we encourage you to start up your own competition!)

-From 1920 to sometime in the 1970s, the sandwich we now call a grilled cheese was known as “cheese dream.”

-A grilled cheese at one time sold at an online auction for $28,000. The owner of the sandwich claimed it showed an image of the Virgin Mary and decided to put it up for sale.