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Food Truck Near Me Crystal Lake IL

Food Truck Near Me Crystal Lake IL

If you’re a fan of authentic Mexican street foods, you will definitely enjoy the outstanding fare served by the Toasty Taco! Our mobile Food Truck Near Me Crystal Lake IL prepares a variety of excellent tacos and quesadillas that the attendees at your next event are going to enjoy.

It’s tough to top the convenience of booking a food truck for most any type of occasion. Besides the great food that will satisfy all of your hungry guests, mobile catering means you won’t need to worry about serving and then cleaning up afterwards. Our experienced and dedicated staff will take of everything so you’ll be free to enjoy yourself and time with your guests.

As big fans of delicious Mexican food we also enjoy some tasty trivia about a favorite dish – quesadillas:

-Quesadilla is a traditional dish with historic origins in Mexico. Its name translates to “little cheesy things.”

-The popular food basically involves a tortilla that is filled mainly with cheese and beans, meat, veggies, spices and guacamole. It’s cooked on a stove or griddle. Corn tortillas are traditionally used, however, there are also quesadillas made flour tortillas, too.

-Quesadillas were originally considered a type of dessert that the Aztecs invented. They would fill them with foods such as pumpkin or squash and bake them within a clay oven.

-Along with their fabulous flavors, quesadillas also provide a respectable amount of carbohydrates. In addition, they’re also a find source of fiber and calcium.

-Oaxaca cheeses, which have a texture comparable to mozzarella cheese, was traditionally an ingredient in quesadillas.