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Food Trucks Near Me McHenry County IL

Food Trucks Near Me McHenry County IL

While comparable recipes are seen in texts dating back to ancient times — and French cooks have been serving their famous cheese dishes since the early 20th century — today’s presentation of the grilled cheese sandwich is typically traced to the 1920s. It was during that era when an American inventor from Davenport, Iowa, named Otto Frederick Rohwedder created a bread slicer that was basically a game-changer for the way foods were prepared and served.

In 1927, the industrious Mr. Rohwedder was successful in his efforts to design a device that could not just slice bread but wrap it, too. He applied for a patent in order to protect his new creation and then sold the first slicer machine to Frank Bench, a baker who installed it in 1928 at his business in Missouri. Sales of the new machine to more bakeries steadily increased and it wasn’t too long until sliced bread was available nationwide.

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Shortly prior to that, entrepreneur James Kraft had patented processed cheese, which ensured it would not spoil while being transported.

By 1914, Kraft’s company, which was an early incarnation of Kraft Foods,
opened up its first processing plant in the state of Illinois. Just a few years after that, the company expanded into Canadian markets. Processed cheese at that time offered an affordable and versatile food product for consumers.

From that point onward cheese and sliced bread started to gain their now-familiar place at mealtime for millions of people. During the Second World War, cooks in the U.S. Navy would prepare “cheese-filled” sandwiches in accordance with government provided cookbooks.

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