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Corporate Catering Algonquin IL

Corporate Catering Algonquin IL

Whether you are planning to host 20 guests or over 100 at your next events at your business or corporate campus, a food truck is an ideal solution to your meal plans. At Toasty Cheese Mobile Eatery, we specialize in Corporate Catering Algonquin IL services for our many satisfied business customers.

Hiring the Toasty Cheese team is perfect when you are catering events for your business such as:

-Customer or Employee Appreciation.
Job Fairs or an Open House.
-Company Picnics.
-Family Days or Office Parties.
-Boss’ Day or Administrative Professionals’ Day.
-Holiday Parties.
-Corporate Luncheons and Sales Conferences.

We understand that planning for an event like those we list above and scheduling Corporate Catering Algonquin IL is going to involve budgeting. So, even though you’re probably anticipating the excitement of a fully stocked and staffed food truck arriving at your workplace, easing the stress you’re under and serving your personnel with a smile, you may have some worries about costs. You might find it surprising, but the costs of food truck Corporate Catering Algonquin IL can be far more cost-efficient than choosing conventional catering companies.

After factoring in the additional amount of food you’ll typically have to purchase as part of “trayed” catering, plus their travel, per person, and service charges, opting for a food truck can end up costing approximately the same amount or even less. (And the food is good!)

Though following a budget is necessary and the expense will be a determining factor, consider what type of event you are hosting. For example, perhaps it is an employee-oriented affair where the company is expressing thanks to its dedicated staff. Since your employees are so essential, shouldn’t they enjoy a quality event? Spending a little more on showing employee appreciation can help with employee retention and morale over the long term.

Corporate Catering Algonquin IL

Corporate Catering Algonquin IL companies will tend to charge differently. You should not have much difficulty locating a mobile caterer that is the right match for your budget and the theme of your event.

Here are a few more helpful Corporate Catering Algonquin IL tips if you’re planning an event:

-Plan on ordering for slightly over the number of guests you are expecting. Ordering just a little bit more will help ensure that there will enough food for guests who want seconds. Plus, it will also avoid any service disruptions if you have a few additional guests show up.

-Review the menu options and be sure to address any dietary concerns. Will the caterer present vegetarian and vegan options? What about dairy or gluten-free? Food trucks with an extensive menu selection will frequently offer plenty of options. Though it may be a challenge to present menu options for the preferences or dietary restrictions of every single person at your event, you will most likely be able to find a food truck caterer with something that most of the guests will enjoy.

-Confirm the event date with each of your vendors prior to paying deposits.
Plan for a convenient date that is going to work best for your big occasion. However, it’s also smart to have an alternative date. As a rule of thumb, try to secure your most essential vendors (such as the caterers, tables and chairs) first and then move on the secondary ones.

As you can plainly see, there are many viable reasons to consider hiring a mobile catering company for corporate and business events. Along with the cost-effectiveness and the convenience, food trucks serving delicious meals have a way of making any event an enjoyable experience for all!